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Blunt Gorilla is an award winning multi-disciplinary production house run by a creative collective of film makers and story tellers.

Above being a family, we all share a common creative vision and philosophy; Visual Lyricism. For us, content shouldn’t just be about hard selling and product placement, it’s about speaking to the audience on a human level. That's why we've taken the liberty to put a strong focus in work that prides itself on connecting with people intimately to elicit raw human responses, and to achieve a silver lining between content that can be engaging but also deeply resonating.


Visual Lyricism

The poetry of subjectivity and sensuality of expression in film. An expression of emotion in an imaginative and beautiful way; the quality of being lyrical.



We feel that creative vision and powerful messaging can sometimes be lost as it's passed around the standard corporate ladder. To stand out, there needs to be one singular creative voice rather than multiple ones. That’s why our approach to initiating a new project is taking care of all aspects of production, from the birth of the concept on the drawing board, to the last post production touches before its delivery.

Our team is guided by the core founding principles of naturalism with what we call a 'Controlled Observational Documentary' approach to telling stories. We aim to capture moments with a form of grace and realism, where the content is depicted in a raw, truthful, and unbiased way.

The terms of this creative freedom and an uncluttered work environment allow us to operate how we work best; in a small cohesive, but collaborative core unit that is mobile, able to adapt easily, and comfortable in chaos.

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